Why We Started Timebanking in the UK

Money is one of the most powerful inventions that mankind has ever made.

We now have credit, debit, frequent flyer and store cards. All of these new and different kinds of currencies make it even easier for us to have the things we want and if used with care they work well. But there are parts of our life where they do not work.

Families and friends do not charge each other for goods and services. This is our priceless ability to care where we learn the advantages of sharing, of giving and receiving.

When we meet up with the friends of our friends, with distant cousins, with local trustworthy tradesmen or even with passers-by in the street we often enjoy a friendly exchange and random acts of kindness.

This is neighbourhood at its best and research has shown over and over again that it is an essential part of our health and wellbeing…but it is under threat. The bonds that hold local neighbourhoods together are weakening fast and this is why so many people are turning to timebanking.

Timebanking operates a new community currency based on time that once in circulation feels every bit as real, and as useful, as the cash in our pockets.

It connects people to a stream of goodwill and practical support. It encourages people to share their skills locally and is a surefire way to bring back neighbourhood, whether there are 20, 200 or 2000 of you. So don’t let one of the best things in life pass you by. Enrich yourself and your neighbourhood with the goodwill, care and compassion that comes with timebanking.