Key Organising Role 6


We use a currency that rewards people for co-operating and caring for each other and it costs us nothing to produce it. Time is there to be used and we all start each day with an equal supply, so why not use it?

Make it fun and make sure people are active so that they have a plentiful supply of the good feelings that come from helping others. Remember the greatest assets you have are the people who are involved.

Some fundraising can help but don’t let one person take on the burden themselves. There are many ways to raise money from raffles to accepting donations. If the time bank is working well and people enjoy being part of it, ask them to help with fundraising events and fun sponsored activities.

Grant funding is out there but can be tricky to obtain. Timebanking UK are looking constantly for opportunities to share with our time banks so make sure you receive the newsletter about the latest funding opportunities. These messages are also posted in the Broker Facebook page.

People will come and go and people will be more and less active at different periods in their lives. Don’t worry about it.