Key Organising Role 4

Information and technology

Time Online2 is available to members of Timebanking UK and is a purpose built online system to help you keep a record of people, their skills, their availability and the tasks that they do for one another. It has been created so that your time bank members can use it too, creating a profile page and posting offers and requests. You can download reports of how many hours have been exchanged, by whom, on what, and where.

Keeping in touch is so important and can be done in a number of ways which suits the individual. A phone call or a visit is always preferred, but if this is not possible then an email, text message or a group on WhatsApp or Facebook is a great way to keep in touch.

Timebanking UK have a Broker Facebook page so do join it and chat with other brokers. Timebanking UK have monthly Check In And Chat sessions for brokers which is another great ways to share ideas/challenges/successes.

Local knowledge is a valuable commodity and you will soon have a regular supply. By recording it and making connections for people you will be able to offer a useful service that will attract new people and that can be a great help for new people arriving in the area.

Our website - - is a major source of information and if you become a member you can have your own web page and visit the members’ section which holds a massive store of timebanking gems. Again one of your number needs to take responsibility for managing your input. We also run a national e-group.

A National Time Exchange is available to members so that timebanking hour earned in one time bank can be spent in another. For example, you look after someone in your area and the timebanking hour you earn can be spent by other members of your family, who live miles away, on getting the local help they need. To join in your time bank will need to use Time Online and be connected with another time bank using the Passporting feature.

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