Key Organising Role 3

Building your reputation

Be proud of what you are doing and use the positive energy of people who ‘get’ timebanking. Don’t waste your energy trying to persuade the few negative people to join in. Positive press publicity is a fantastic way to share the activities of the time bank.

Collect stories and take photos and videos of things as they happen. Keep records of the news articles, publicity and any positive comments from people and organisations to share widely across social media.

Measure your achievements by keeping in touch with how timebanking is changing people’s lives. Check out with people how their opportunities and life experiences are expanding and how their social networks are growing. Record the projects that you take on together.

Amplify the voices that need to be heard. You will come across unmet social needs that you cannot tackle alone. There will be people who have shifted from being dependent on others to taking more control of their lives.

People need to know about these things.