Key Organising Role 2

Looking after people and nurturing relationships

Keep in touch with people and keep them timebanking. Telephone, visit, email or text all your time bank members each month and ask inactive people to help out at every appropriate opportunity. Use social media to give updates and the latest information. This role requires you to be available and approachable. People need to trust you and have confidence in you.

Matching them with the right person when people ask for some help can be done in part by looking at the lists provided by the computer records but also by using your common sense and deciding who will get on well together. You need to know everyone and they need to know you. You need to know what things they like doing and what things they might find difficult to manage. If people are concerned that no one is asking for their particular skills then rather than let them worry about it, you need to explain that it is just as important for them to ask for help from others.

Run group activities such as monthly planning meetings, social events, group projects and themed discussions focused on whatever people are interested in - e.g. the environment, arts, cultural differences, changing the system etc.

Find interesting locations for these meetings and keep them fresh and lively