Key Organising Role 1

Attracting and signing up new members

Word of mouth is the best way to attract people to timebanking and the best people to spread the news are people who are already involved. Encourage each other to speak to people, either one-to-one or in groups.

Stories about the ordinary everyday miracles that will go on in your time bank, told by the people themselves, will have most impact. Details of what people do when timebanking and about what timebanking means to them will connect with others in a powerful and real way.

Social events are vital to bring people together, to let others know what you are all doing and to celebrate your achievements. Taster events where people can try out the new skills on offer are always popular.

Social Media is a fantastic way to involve and invite people to join the time bank, attend events and update them with the latest news. It is quick and instant giving notifications immediately. Why not ask someone in the time bank to help you with this in return for timebanking hours?

Publicity can help. Simple leaflets distributed through doctors’ surgeries, community centres and even your local hairdressers - anywhere where people naturally gather.

Local radio, newspapers and TV can help but always remember that when dealing with the media the control of what is broadcast is always in their hands. We have added a section in this guide on tips for dealing with the media.

Signing up new people is best done with a formal application process. We have examples of application forms people have used on our website -

When you are neighbourhood timebanking it is up to you if you want people to provide references. If people are going to spend any time unsupervised with children it may be wise to check if they have a criminal history. If you set yourself up as a formal time bank then you will have to do this and also consider taking out insurance. Again Timebanking UK can help you.

Introducing new people to the time bank can be done one-to-one or in groups by existing time bank members. If you get too many people asking ‘what is timebanking?’ then you could always refer them to the monthly ‘Introduction to Timebanking’ events held by Timebanking UK which are free to attend. At all times you should stress the importance of giving AND receiving. Print out the latest offers and requests and show all new members to encourage them to begin exchanging time as soon as possible.