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The secret of successful time banking is sharing out the load by doing the things that you enjoy doing and letting others do what they enjoy doing for you.

That applies as much to running the time bank as it does to the more general exchange of skills. To get started you will need a small group, at least six of you, willing to spend four or fi ve hours a month on your time banking project.


Each of them will need to:

*agree to give it their best shot for at least 12 months
*agree to meet up regularly with the team
*agree to do all they can to attract new members
*agree to share all they learn with new members
*agree to be paid in time credits for each hour they contribute
*agree to lead by example and spend their time credits
*agree to walk the talk when it comes to the time banking values
*and agree to take on one or more of the key organising roles…

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