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Do you agree with the following statements:
1 If people pooled their knowledge, skills and energy we would have an unstoppable force with which to solve most of our social problems.
2 Asking for a favour from others is easier when you know you will have a chance to pay them back.
3 It is OK to reward people when they co-operate and do things for each other.
4 Knowing there are people around you can trust makes you feel safer and more secure.
5 It is who you know in life that really matters. The wider your circle of friends and acquaintances the more opportunities you have to improve the quality of your life.
6 Money places a high value on things that are in short supply
but not on the things that really matter, like keeping the planet
in a good enough state to be of use to future generations.
  If your answers were yes to most
of these statements, then read on.
    time to give and take strap line
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