Checklist For Setting Up An Exchange

check Listen to what is really being asked for and think about who it is that is doing the asking.

check Check who can offer to do that service. Can you make a good match?

check Think about whether people will get on.

check Do all the people involved know what is expected of them?

check Are they agreed on a day, time and place?

check Have you done some basic safety checks?

check Is there any equipment involved (car, lawnmower for example)? Is it all in good working order and well-maintained?

check Is the person asking for help vulnerable or at risk in any way?

check Is there anything that might cause a problem?

check Have all the details been recorded?

Some people are understandably nervous about having strangers in the house so if you have any doubts on any of these questions then the exchange should only go ahead with support from another time bank member who the person knows.

A note on health and safety
You need to think about basic health and safety issues whatever the size of your time bank. You need to be aware that both individuals and groups can be held responsible in law for accidents.

Do you know what to do if things go wrong?

check Who needs to be told immediately?

check What needs to be recorded?

check What support do the people involved need?