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why we started time banking in the UK

There are no rules about where you start time banking. You can use your kitchen as a base or talk a friendly community organisation into lending you some space. Corners of cafés and shops have been used, almost anywhere that is easy to fi nd, central to where you live and where people feel welcome to drop in at any time.

Everything else you need can be supplied quite cheaply these days.

There are all sorts of telephone providers offering all sorts of deals and someone will have a computer that you can use. There really is nothing else you need.

Time banking is a tool that can be used in a range of settings. People use time banking to revitalise their community centres and social clubs, to organise campaigns, provide social care or to run self-help schemes.

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Click here for a PDF page of time credits


Time banking can operate at many levels and in many ways:

One person to one person exchanges
A simple job done for another person;

One person to many people Someone passing on a skill to a group;

Many people to one person
A group coming together to help out an individual;

Many people to many people
A group organising an event in their neighbourhood.

If you join Time Banks UK we can set you up with the ‘Time Online’ computer system to record the things people do for each other and the time credits that are earned and spent. The software also lets you know who is available, when and with what skills.

Alternatively, you can make up credits; see sample vouchers in this guide. People can give them to the provider for each hour of help they receive. We suggest that each person is given 30 vouchers at the start of the year and that you then have a huge party at the end of the year and check out how the vouchers have passed among you and all the good things they have inspired.

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